How to Relocate With Ease

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We have written about relocation appraisals in the past and we appreciate our guest bloggers that contribute to our blog.  Enjoy this guest post from Megan Cooper with Real Life Home.

You just got the call—the job is yours! Now what? Relocating your family to take a job can be emotional, exciting, and stressful, but with a bit of preplanning and list-making, you can turn the process into a family adventure.

Get Buy-In

You want the whole family on board for the move. Talk about the new city, view online videos, and learn about key attractions and amenities. According to the Child Development Institute, it’s important to answer kids’ questions in an honest and upfront manner.

They may be concerned about making new friends, leaving their old sports teams, or fitting in at a new school. While you’re likely to be preoccupied about the move logistics—as well as potentially anxious about the move yourself—make time to talk as a family about the great opportunities the move represents, and take active steps to ensure your kids stay connected to former friends.

Talk to Your Employer or Find a New Job

If you haven’t already negotiated the final details of your job offer, ask about whether relocation assistance is available. It can cost quite a lot to move a long distance, regardless of whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a moving company. Some corporations offer to pay for the move, in part or in total, and others offer discounts through various moving-related companies.

Either way, it doesn’t hurt to ask before you start investing your own time and money. If your company does offer support, you’ll want to connect with the appropriate department as soon as possible to get the ball rolling.

If you’re moving to a new city and haven’t yet found work, it’s especially important to update your resume before you begin your job search. Include your most recent accomplishments, as well as any relevant experience and skills you’ve acquired since your last update. This will help ensure that potential employers have a clear and accurate picture of your qualifications. Use a free tool like this free resume builder which allows you to customize a resume template and upload your own images and photos.

Create a Timeline

Timing a move is tricky, especially if you’re selling a home or giving a lease notice and finding a new place to live. When you add in kids and school, and potentially a spouse or partner’s professional timeline, things can get complicated. According to Steinway Movers, you can calm the waters by creating a timeline and working backward from your work start date. This will help you determine key dates and times where you need to check various things off your list, from ordering moving supplies and starting to pack, to turning off your cable in one city and reconnecting in another.

Find a Place to Live

There are some solid tips to finding the best place to live. If you’re familiar with your new city, you may have a few neighborhoods in mind and be ready to buy a house on the spot. If you’re not, renting can be a smart move. It lets you get a feel for the area and its proximity to highways, amenities, work, and quality schools.

If you’re looking to buy, research home prices in your target area. If you find a home you’re interested in, you can get a house price estimate online—this may also include sale history, comparable home prices, and a detailed home description.

Prepare to Move

You have a lot of options when it comes to the physical move. You can pack a “pod” that is dropped off at your current home and delivered to your new home; you can load a moving van yourself and drive it to your new location, or you can hire a full-service moving company that does everything for you, from wrapping, packing, and labeling to delivering, unloading, and unpacking.

Prices range considerably. Get several in-person estimates in writing before deciding. This is a good time to purge “stuff” you don’t want or need, as well as weigh the pros and cons of paying to transport large heavy items or buy replacements on arrival.

Making a move is a big deal, and planning, time management, and patience are all necessary for a good outcome. Plan as much as you can in advance and be ready to pivot and adjust as necessary when the moving day arrives.

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Guest Post by Megan Cooper

Megan Cooper thinks there’s nothing more satisfying than a well-executed DIY project. For her, it all started a few years ago when she built a bookshelf out of reclaimed wood. She hasn’t looked back since. Today, she regularly tackles home decor DIY projects big and small. She created to share all of the tips, advice, and resources that she has found most useful as she’s learned the ins and outs of DIY.

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