Month: June 2022

How Can Appraisers Dress in This Heat?

It’s summer and in some parts of the country it is getting very hot! Here in North Texas we have been in a heat wave, that seems to have no end in sight. Every day this week heat advisories have been issued and it can be challenging to be...
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June Newsletter-Easing Off the Pedal

When I was a young poor college student, I got a speeding ticket. When the officer asked me how fast I was going, I told him truthfully that I didn’t know.  You see my speedometer had stopped working in my car and I didn’t have the extra funds to...
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How to Relocate With Ease

We have written about relocation appraisals in the past and we appreciate our guest bloggers that contribute to our blog. Enjoy this guest post from Megan Cooper with Real Life Home. You just got the callβ€”the job is yours! Now what? Relocating your family to take a job can...
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