February Newsletter

We are excited to bring you our newsletter in a new format! We share what is happening in the Dallas-Fort Worth/North Texas area.   No doubt, higher mortgages have impacted real estate in the past year. The higher rates decrease buying power for consumers which in turn decreases demand. Although demand has weakened with higher rates, the supply is still low here and prices have not decreased as much as many thought they would. As you can see from the numbers below, each market is unaffected equally as Denton & Dallas Counties show appreciation, Collin County declines and Tarrant County is flat.  Mortgage rates have appeared to have stabilized in the last two months. Many project the rates to remain somewhat stable as we head into the spring market.

We look forward to seeing what our markets do this year. Check out what is happening in Denton, Collin, Dallas & Tarrant counties below!


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