June Newsletter-Summer Time is Here while Supply & Volume Show Big Declines in Housing Market

Turner Falls, Oklahoma

Today is the official first day of summer. Can you believe it? Spring just really meshed into summer since all of the stay home orders. Nothing this year is normal as we are still in the midst of this pandemic. We hope that you are able to find a safe place to stay cool and enjoy your summer time.

We recently took our kids to visit Turner Falls in Oklahoma which is the cover picture. It is a waterfall from a natural spring in the Arbuckle Mountains. We love the area and were able to spread out , social distance, hike, swim and enjoy the beautiful geologic formations.

The housing markets have so far not seen big declines in prices during the pandemic but the supply and volume show drastic decline during the pandemic. Both the supply and inventory have double-digit declines YoY but prices have remained relatively flat. So why haven’t prices declined? As we discussed last month, the supply and demand both decreased in tandem. Typically if the demand decreased but supply remained the same, a lowering in price would occur. During this pandemic, the supply has also decreased, keeping the supply/demand ratio similar to prior to the pandemic.

Predictions during this time are difficult. Texas is currently experiencing a “double whammy” as low oil price and a pandemic are impacting the economy. Texas has been reopening but as we have, covid19 cases have been climbing. This threatens a strong economic recovery, which would then impact the housing market.

Mortgage rates remain at record lows.

Let’s dive in to the numbers:

Median Sales Price

Denton County
$322,000 | -0.3%

Collin County
$345,000 | 0.0%

Dallas County
$250,000 | -3.8%

Tarrant County
$247,000 | -0.2%

Months Supply of Inventory

Denton County
2.4 | -31.4%

Collin County
2.5 | -34.2%

Dallas County
2.8 | -20.0%

Tarrant County
1.9 | -24.0%


Denton County
1,245 | -24.8%

Collin County
1,266 | -31.1%

Dallas County
1,694 | -36.0%

Tarrant County
1,953 | -31.4%

Median Days on Market

Denton County
24 | +20.0%

Collin County
25 | -3.8%

Dallas County
20 | +5.3%

Tarrant County
16 | +23.1%

New Listings

Denton County
2,071 | -9.0%

Collin County
2,151 | -15.5%

Dallas County
3,340 | -7.9%

Tarrant County
3,210 | -17.9%

As we move forward, we will continue to watch the housing market and economy for North Texas. As we are still in the middle of this pandemic, we do wish you all safety and health. As always, please let us know if you have questions or comments about real estate appraising or need appraisal services.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads and those who are like fathers to us. You will never know how important you are. We celebrate you!

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