What to Wear?

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No this hasn’t suddenly become a fashion blog. This is really for my fellow female appraisers. My apologies guys, some of this might apply to you, but I am really speaking to the gals. I am a part of several appraiser groups and one of my favorite Facebook groups is the I am a Female Real Estate Appraiser Groups. This topic comes up often. I am also a member of some new Clubhouse groups Real Estate Appraisaltalk and Appraiser Trainee Talk and again this topic came up, so I thought I would share my experiences with how I dress as a female real estate appraiser.

Professional Dress

When we are observing properties, it is important that we dress professionally. If we are doing an appraisal for lending, we are a representative of our client. Although we are not an employee of the client, we do represent them. Often, we are the only person actually seen by participants in the transaction. Also, we represent ourselves, our business so we want to dress professionally. We are professional licensed appraisers performing our work and should look as such. That said, what works for walking around properties, in between bushes, in the mud, etc?

What Works For Me

I am aware that we all appraise in different locations with different climates. For some appraisers, they are working in snow-covered areas for an extended amount of time, and for others, we deal with the heat. We are located in North Texas, where the weather varies but definitely we are working in the heat in the summer. When I first began appraising, I struggled with what to wear. I wanted to look professional so I wore slacks, a nice shirt, and basic flats but this was not practical. We perform many appraisals on rural properties and walking around them requires special attire and footwear. So, here is what I have found through the years that’s worked for me.


For our company, we wear polo shirts with our logo embroidered on them. I found a great site that has lots of choices of shirt designs. You upload your logo to them and they will add it to their system. They require a one-time logo setup fee. After that, you can order anything with it. We have ordered shirts, bags, beanies, stadium blankets, and caps from them. They are constantly having good sales and most products have no minimum order. I recommend searching through the different types of polo shirts. They have polo shirts designed for ladies. For our hot weather, I recommend the “dri-fit or performance” because they will help keep you cool. I also have ordered a nice button-down top that I will wear occasionally but more in the wintertime. Here is a link to their site: LogoUp


For me, it took a little longer to find the right pants. For the longest time, I wore slacks but they weren’t very functional and it was difficult to find any with pockets. I finally discovered, (well maybe after some convincing from my husband), they make work pants for women designed for working outside. For me, I like the Dickies brand. They make several different styles but they are the most durable and comfortable pants I own. They never wrinkle, they stretch and do not tear if they get snagged on a barbed-wire fence. Best of all, easy machine washable for care. Here is my current favorite pair https://amzn.to/3f7qaNW: (Post edit: here is a link to what my husband wears. He loves them: https://amzn.to/3hnDDUx – also see below)


Where we work, the right pair of shoes is extremely important. Some of the things to watch out for here are cactus, fire ants, scorpions, poison oak, poison ivy, and bull nettle . I found a pair of slip-on boots so that I can trudge around properties and easily slip them off when going inside. We do have snakes here that we have to watch out for so a fully covered foot is important! Oh, I forgot to mention surprises left by the family dog, if you know what I mean! Since we do rural properties we also walk where the cows and horses leave behind their surprises! Here’s what I use https://amzn.to/3tHQinC :

My husband will wear his boots for our rural appraisals or homes where the terrain is a bit more rugged. He also carries this pair of shoes around as they are easily slipped on and off:

There has been a suggestion in the comments regarding wearing shoe coverings and these are also a very good option for entering a property. Let me know in the comments if this is something you use. Why or why not?

Here is a recommendation:

It’s good to always keep rain boots and a rain jacket in your vehicle for when it rains or it is muddy : rain boots and rain jacket with a hood

I know this isn’t my typical blog but I really wanted to share this with anyone who is wondering what to wear for appraising. Hopefully, it will help some that are new to appraising. I also know that not everyone wears this attire. Just like our markets are different, so are our climates and preferences. I guess I really wear the same thing my husband wears but just my version of it! I would love to hear from others what they wear as an appraiser! What do you wear? Please tell me in the comments!


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