Turning a Corner- October Newsletter 2022

Happy October and Happy 8th Anniversary to our blog and 7th Anniversary of our newsletter. The first newsletter was published in September 2015. It has evolved since then and it has been fun reporting all of the different things that the North Texas markets as well as national markets have experienced over the last seven years!  From our rapid population, new construction, the popularity of barndominiums, the Texas ice storm, and the pandemic there’s been a lot to cover! 

What’s happening now? We have been seeing and reporting the indicators signally a market shift within the past few months.  Now, we are clearly turning a corner and the markets are shifting.  The changes are more pronounced and evident as we are now in the fall and heading into the winter seasons.  The market does have typical seasonal shifts and declines in the fall and winter seasons but this shift is much more significant than what we have seen in the last 5 years. 

Let’s take a look at our local markets.  The charts show the activity for September and at the end, we will have a sneak peek at October numbers!  The median sales prices are still up from the same time last year but the increase is much less than what we have been seeing and all markets are down from the previous month.  Most significant is the gain in supply.  Supply is now up in all four counties, with Denton and Collin counties up 136.4% and 118.2% respectively, YoY.  Note, this is a move toward a more stable market (4-6 months of supply).  Inventory is still low but on the rise.  The bidding wars are officially over and buyers have gained more power as sales are below the original price in all 4 counties.  Here are the numbers: 

Median Sales Price

Months of Inventory

Days on Market

Percent of Original Price


Sneak Peek- October

A couple of things to keep in mind when looking at these numbers.

  1. Every market and submarket is different. It is important to look to a real estate professional for your specific market and property.
  2. Housing has been appreciating at an unprecedented rate and was due for a correction. The market is not tanking but stabilizing.
  3. Mortgage rates are impacting buying power and decreasing demand.
  4. Some of this decline is seasonal and supply is still low as we head to a more balanced market.

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As always, we will continue to watch our local markets as well as what is going on nationally. We will be watching the impact of rising rates, inflation, and economic data on the housing markets. If you have thoughts, comments or questions let us know. If you need appraisal services please contact us at www.dwslaterco.com.


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