Lake Kiowa Market Update

Lake Kiowa is a private gated community located on the southeastern section of Cooke County. It has a private lake, 18 hole golf course, a community center, parks, tennis courts, and trails. The area is served by the Callisburg Independent School District. It is located 11 miles southeast of Gainesville, the county seat of Cooke County. It is 70 miles northwest of Dallas and 72 miles northeast of Fort Worth where international and national amenities can be found. The community was constructed in 1968. There are a large variety of homes of various sizes, ages and designs. We appraise in this community often. As a part of the appraisal process, we analyze the market. Here is a recent analysis of the Lake Kiowa community.– Make sure to scroll across the graphs as they are interactive!

Lake Kiowa and Cooke County Data

The current median sales price for Lake Kiowa is$343,750 which is up +20.6% YoY. The current median sales price for Cooke County is $215,000 which is up +10.5% YoY. You can see that Lake Kiowa median sales price is appreciating , particulary within the past 2 years.

The current median price per sq. ft. is $145 which is up +18.9% YoY. The current median price per sq. ft. is $117 which is up +13.6% YoY. The price per sq. ft. also shows the appreciation seen in Lake Kiowa within the past 2 years.

Lake Kiowa currently shows a 5.3 month supply which is an increase +35.9% YoY. Cooke County currently has a 4.6 month supply which is -8.0% YoY. You can see that as the supply decreased, the median sale prices increased. There are many recent newly constructed homes in Lake Kiowa, as a result, the supply is now increasing. As the supply increases, the rate of price appreciation will most likely decrease since these are typically inversely related to each other.

The number of days on the market for both Lake Kiowa and Cooke County have both decreased with Lake Kiowa at 28 days (  -22.2% YoY) and Cooke County at 30 days ( -18.9% YoY)

Overall Lake Kiowa community is showing strong growth with new construction increasing and very limited foreclosure rates. We hope that you found this market analysis helpful. Please remember that these are general trends and should not be applied to your specific property. If you need assistance for a specific property in Lake Kiowa please feel to contact us at

6 Replies to “Lake Kiowa Market Update”

  1. Looks like supply has really changed in recent years. Is it all those Californians absorbing the market? Less distressed inventory? Increasing demand?

    By the way, I really like the clean feel of your blog. When leaving a comment it just feels more polished.

    1. Thanks, Ryan! Great questions! I would say that the Californians and others moving to the area have absorbed the homes in the immediate Dallas/Ft Worth market and it has forced many to expand their search for more affordable housing, thus Cooke County has been seeing an increase in demand. You would be surprised how far some will commute in this area. There is definitely less distressed inventory ( only 1 foreclosure sale per year for the last 3 years in Lake Kiowa), also there has been an increase in demand which has then spawned an increase in new construction.

      As far as the blog, yes! I am loving the new platform. WordPress really is superb for blogging. I was happy to be able to add interactive charts here.

      Thanks for your comments. They are always very much appreciated!

    1. Thanks, Joe! Yes, I like them too and was glad to be able to add them to the post. They are from our MLS- (NTREIS) Trends data. I have been using their chart maker and this is the first time I was able to embed them into the post so that they would be active. Not sure if your MLS has something like that or not.

  2. Shannon, the blog is looking awesome and I love the interactive charts! Your areas trends look very similar to the Birmingham area. Glad you’re enjoying WordPress!

    1. Thanks, Tom! Yes, I am still learning but I was happy to be able to add the interactive charts. It is always interesting to see how similar some of the markets are in different geographic areas.

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